well, this is interesting

I wrote volatile because I’d been thinking about how tired the “Offside Rule Test” is – especially when it’s a man’s sad attempt to belittle a woman (which I believe to be linked to some women’s instinct to overcompensate and do stuff like belittle women whom they perceive to be unhelpful/ruinous to the image of women football fans).

And, how it seems to be a litmus test based on a scale with no pH 7 – cite the rule accurately, you’re a football fan; cite it inaccurately, you’re not.  The rule itself isn’t difficult to comprehend, but not every fan has its intricacies committed to memory.  On a tangential note, there is a reason why calls can be contentious and controversial – rules are one thing; implementation of rules another.

Anyway, this train of thought chugged along the tracks of my mind and, naturally, led to a poem about love and relationships because with me, everything comes back to writing.

Now there’s all this drama after last night’s Wolves – Liverpool match.  Right on cue.

Also, I really shouldn’t have watched the match despite wanting to root for Wolves, because Liverpool always. wins. when I cave to curiosity and tune in to their games.  Why do I never learn?


Updates (27.01.2011)
Andy Burton dropped
Andy Grays sacked
Richard Keys resigns

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