colour inside the lines

colour inside the lines

skies are blue and clouds are white
the sun is orange,
it has no wink or smile
flowers are red yellow purple, grass is green
little space on this paper for

© hannah t


This is about both life and art in equal measure.  The law here can be stifling to the diversity and development of our arts scene.

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  1. amen :-)

  2. Very funny. The poem itself is very false and slightly ironic.
    This is great!

    • Thanks, Brennan! Glad you enjoyed the poem.

  3. colorful poetry,
    well put.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Jingle :) Most welcome!

  4. oops! no colors left? haha thanks for sharing this!

    • ;) Thanks for popping by!

  5. welcome join us tonight at Jingle Poetry Potluck, have fun!
    Thanks for the inspirations and in your entries now..

    Happy Writing!


    • Lovely theme; off to work on my poem. Happy writing to you too :)

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