white walls

white walls

no posters, no photographs
no pretentious art pieces
no evidence of childhood
no remnants of adolescence
no traces of what came after
clean slate for the taking

pictures to paint, murals to mount
words to write
fresh colours
new stories
every day
blank canvas for the mind

white walls
do not hold me ransom
for yesterday or today
white walls
hold only hope
for always
sanctuary for the soul

© hannah t

Published in: on February 22, 2011 at 4:46 pm  Comments (13)  

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  1. Beautiful…
    the last stanza is wonderful…
    whitewalls…hope and sanctuary to soul …

    Here is mine

    • Thank you, Rashmi :)

  2. profound word flow.
    love it…


    • Thanks Jingle! :)

  3. clean and beautiful :)

    • Thank you, bendedspoon :))

  4. Hannah, you have created a wonderful metaphor for hope and new beginnings. Lovely.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment :)

  5. What a beautiful way to look at white walls. Give me five minutes and the walls will be filled with holes (I am really bad at picture hanging it takes me a few tries to get things hanging straight). Lovely look at the blank slate and starting fresh. Thank you!

    • Hi Aleza! Oh I am so averse to leaving marks on my walls that I don’t drill any holes at all (poor things are left to balance precariously on cabinets). Thank you for your comment :)

  6. It is not easy to make white walls sound attractive. You did it.

    • *phew* Thank you, Mike :)

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