owls are overrated

owls are overrated

hummingbirds know life
assess flower. take nectar.
oh look! time to move on.

© hannah t

Published in: on March 7, 2011 at 5:18 pm  Comments (12)  

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  1. haha..what a hoot :) but very true.

    • :)) much better than a ho-hum. thank you!

  2. cute hoot..


    • Thanks Jingle :)

  3. reality!!!! nice wording!!
    Happy Monday!

    • Thanks Lynnaima! Happy Monday to you too :)

  4. Totally! And hummingbirds are fearless. They fly right up to you and it feels like they can see right into your souls. They know the answers! What do owls do? Lurk around in the night, asking questions. Who? Who?

    • HAHAHA your comments are always gold! Wise and swift and fearless…those pretty little things are too perfect.

  5. Smart little ode to smart little creatures

    • Thank you, Kim :)

  6. Great poem that makes me smile.

    • Glad it made you smile :) Thank you, Lizbeth!

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