one book a week

one book a week

it’s for hannah
when she arrives next month
thanks mum, next week famous five

is she awake?
can i give my present now?
okay, later, when she’s ready

© hannah t


2011, March 16th
Singa 14, June Edition, Copyright 1987

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spoken like a true heartbreaker

H: You’re so rough!

E: I’m rough, but I don’t break things.

H: Except hearts.

E: I don’t break hearts.

H: You’ve turned down a marriage proposal!

E: They didn’t deserve me.

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the thing about pauses

E: M came to see me today.  He showed me his.

(I cracked up before I could get “Did you show him yours?” out.)

E: He showed me his phone.  And I said, “Wah your phone is SO BIG!”  And he said, “Don’t worry Lizabeth, the size can be adjusted!”

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she waited for me
for six years
I came
left an angry scar
deep and long tale
that cannot mar
the beauty of birth

I’m still here
after twenty-three years
leaving scars
on her heart
she’s still here
after twenty-three years
loving me
with a mother’s hati

© hannah t

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this world has lost its glory, let’s start a brand…

Last night, Dad asked for the computer because he wanted to check out a company’s website.  When the page appeared on the screen, all I could see was the terrible tagline:

Exploiting Resources is how we stay ahead for you.

1. Exploiting

2. we stay ahead ofof oh be quiet Freud for you

3. Clunky

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E: It’s the fragrance of Christ.

H: Christ wore a crown of thorns, not roses.

E: Are you saying I’m smelly now?

H: Are you Christ?

E: I’m Little Christ.

H: Hahaha god you guys are ridiculous.

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