tub, bed, spoon

tub, bed, spoon

they say you are vanilla
like it’s a dirty word
what do they know?

you play well with others
sprinkle of spice, dash of dark
even chocolate

you complete my cravings
hit all my sweet spots
leave me dripping cream

they say you are vanilla
like it’s a dirty word
what do they know?

© hannah t

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England v France: (9) 17 – 9 (9)

Let’s do this, penalty goal style:

1. Chris Ashton swallow-dived…but it wasn’t meant to be.

damn you, forward pass!


2. Jonny is back on his throne.  Today’s first order of business was reclaiming his position as the all-time top points-scorer in Test rugby (1190 points).

commentator bellows: WILKINSOOOOOOOOOON

Gotta feel for Dan Carter (1188 points).  He’s only had the record for about three months.  I remember it took him a good few attempts before he stopped missing the kick.  I also remember watching and wondering if the anticipation was causing performance problems.  I should remember to stop projecting.


3. Jonny cut his hair :’)

you can hitch my ride anytime


(Images from Zimbio)

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it’s not just jonny

Handsome men are somewhat of a rarity in professional rugby, so how come the fly-halves are almost always good-looking?

Is that why they’re called the fly-half?  Is that why they’re a the 10?  Is that why they aren’t in the physical thick of scrums, where everyone’s faces are smooshed together?

Not complaining, especially since I get treated to nice, long, titillating tilting close-ups of them when they take kicks.

Just curious.


1. Position name and number applicable to rugby union only, although the phenomenon does manifest itself in the rugby league’s equivalent of the fly-half.  Hello, Benji Marshall.

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