England v France: (9) 17 – 9 (9)

Let’s do this, penalty goal style:

1. Chris Ashton swallow-dived…but it wasn’t meant to be.

damn you, forward pass!


2. Jonny is back on his throne.  Today’s first order of business was reclaiming his position as the all-time top points-scorer in Test rugby (1190 points).

commentator bellows: WILKINSOOOOOOOOOON

Gotta feel for Dan Carter (1188 points).  He’s only had the record for about three months.  I remember it took him a good few attempts before he stopped missing the kick.  I also remember watching and wondering if the anticipation was causing performance problems.  I should remember to stop projecting.


3. Jonny cut his hair :’)

you can hitch my ride anytime


(Images from Zimbio)

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England v Italy: (31) 59 – 13 (6)

8 tries!  EIGHT!  Mah goodness.

4 of them were Chris Ashton’s.  Why, yes, that is the sound of records being smashed.  Chris…what do you eat for breakfast?!

Anyway, he did the swallow dive again – twice (his 1st and 4th try; England’s 1st and 8th try).  Haha, Johno seemed more amused by the cheekiness today.  Boy likes to have his serious with a side of fun, and I like him for it.

swallow dive no. 1

spot the difference (aka swallow dive no. 2)

Man of the Match

2010 IRPA Try of the Year award

don't need lightman to tell me what emotion this is

Also, I adore rugby commentators.  After Jonny made a brilliant tackle on an Italian player who was well on his way to scoring a try:

*dreamy sigh* 78 minutes, and Jonny Wilkinson refuses. to. yield.  Puts his body through the mincer again.

Italy came achingly close to winning last week, and this match was quite the lashing.  Yikes.

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Wales v England: (6) 19 – 26 (13)


The first try was perfect.  No, really, look at Chris Ashton flying through the goal posts like a damn sprite:

Have to say I was holding back tears when the Welsh players and supporters were singing their national anthem.  The intensity and the emotion…it was lovely.

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