till death valley do us part

till death valley do us part

we’ll sit on trains with
frayed seats and rickety knees
listen to crackling joints
chug over miles of wooden tracks
through towns and cities and countries
over the clamour of our hearts
when we grow old, love,
I’m gonna be your vagabond

© hannah t

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the tent is collapsing on us

the tent is collapsing on us

we wrote letters
pink ink on purple paper
tucked into floral envelopes
sealed with a sticker and a kiss
even though we sat
beside one another

we giggled
when he asked
are you sisters
said no
actions questioning answer

we talked about boys
a lot
made a pact
you’ll be my bridesmaid
and you’ll be mine

we still write
we’re still sisters
and once you nab a man
I’m coming over for stiletto practice

© hannah t


Instead of re-pitching our tent, we used our legs as poles.  We didn’t suffocate; that’s all that matters.

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she waited for me
for six years
I came
left an angry scar
deep and long tale
that cannot mar
the beauty of birth

I’m still here
after twenty-three years
leaving scars
on her heart
she’s still here
after twenty-three years
loving me
with a mother’s hati

© hannah t

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